Friday, December 20, 2013

Atheists v. Christmas

So today's topic is Atheism vs Christmas. Why is this such an interesting topic to me? You guessed it, I am an atheist and I celebrate Christmas!

That right there is the reason I decided to do this post. Warning to anyone reading this: this is my opinion, simple as that. I will share with you what I believe and allow you to interpret or use the information however you see fit.

The opinion above is quite a normal one. It's something that I'm sure confuses some people who celebrate Christmas and other religious holidays for just that, their religion. I know that if I were religious, I would seriously question why people who don't even worship him celebrate his birth,

There is no simple truth. Society in the United States has made the holiday season into something completely nonreligious. Consumerism has taken over. Companies keep workers in on Christmas day now to make sure that everyone can get their last minute gifts and meals. This has become such a normal thing that it's hard to think twice about it. 

Christmas has also turned into more of a "spending time with friends and family" than "worshiping the birth of Jesus Christ". There are two ways to celebrate it, secularly and religiously. Because honestly, are there still people out there who believe that Jesus was born to a virgin? 

Also, due to the fact that all of my family celebrates the holiday, if I were to declare my atheism and refuse to participate, I know for a fact that there would still be people getting me gifts and I would still want to get them gifts. 

So, in conclusion, respect the way that someone wants to celebrate a holiday. Just because they don't believe in a higher power does not mean they are not allowed to spend the time with their family and just enjoy the spirit of the holiday. 

Sincerely, Noel

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