Sunday, December 15, 2013


Yes today's topic is going to be parents!
I think because I am a teenager and am going through "that phase where you're supposed to hate your parents" I have quite a unique view on it.

First off, a little background on me:
My parents were divorced when I was 14 and now I stay mostly with my mom but periodically with my dad. Now it's also important to know that my dad and I don't quite get along well but because he is my dad I have to keep up a good relationship with him.

So now here we are.

Yes, I understand that parents can be very very annoying. And everyone's parents are different. Some may have lost a parent or even both. My respects go to those kids who have survived through the death of a parent.

Adults always talk about how obnoxious and rebellious teenagers are but it's simply not the truth. Yes, I know a few kids that don't want to go to school and back talk adults and smoke weed. But those kids still have potential. This may not even be a phase!

So my advice to parents is to pay attention to what your kids are saying! Often times when kids need help they hide that in an argument. Be open with your kid. Don't tell them they should go to college to get a career but tell them to follow their dreams, even if that means not going to college.

My advice to kids is suck it up! You will only be under the supervision of your parents for a small fraction of your life. Enjoy the time you have with someone who is supporting you financially and mentally. Usually, they want the best for you!

Peace out,!

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